Part 1 Earth's Environment
27th Oct 2015 Meeting the Challenge: geological disposal of UK higher activity radioactive waste Prof Rebecca Lunn
10th Nov 2015 Frack on, frack off or frack well: the environmental and social inplications of shale gas in the UK Prof Zoe Shipton
24th Nov 2015 Scotland's Energy Future: The engineering and social challenges of a low-carbon energy supply Dr Nicolas Kelly
8th Dec   2015 Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing Pump: Research and Development Prof Donald Mackenzie
12th Jan 2016 Putting Microbes to Work: From the slums of Bangladesh to the Pristine Arctic Prof Bill Sloan
Part 2 Engineering in Medicine
26th Jan 2016 The design of Stents for Aneurysm Repair: A Mechanical Engineering Challenge Dr Bill Dempster
23rd Feb 2016 Peek - the Portable Eye Examination Kit Dr Mario Giardini
8th Mar 2016 Visualising Movement for Rehabilitation Prof Philip Rowe
22nd Mar 2016 Why can we walk and run for 100 years and only occasionally break our bones? Liz Tanner
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