25th Oct 2016 Joint Lecture with Ayrshire Astronomical Society. "Listening to Einstein’s Universe: The hunt for Gravitational Waves Innovation – What’s the problem?  Prof Martin Hendry MBE 
8th Nov 2016 Setting sail for orbit: the physics,engineering and applications of solar sail spacecraft. Prof Colin McInnes 
22nd Nov 2016  Innovation – What’s the Problem? Ivor Tiefenbrun MBE 
6th Dec 2016 Thinking outside the Cube: New Space, CubeSats and
Space 3.0
Dr Malcolm Macdonald 
10th Jan 2017 The Amazing World of Electromagnetics!! Mark Klimek
& Colin Barbour
 24th Jan 2017 Innovation at the Advanced Forming Research Centre  Dr Alaster McDonach 
 21st Feb 2017 Application of Intense Laser Light: Accelerating Particles and Generating Radiation  Dr Mark Wiggins 
 7th March 2017 Continued Innovation Dr Colin Andrews 
21st March 2017 Drone warfare: a robotic future? Dr Ian Shaw
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