24th Oct 2017 Where Science and Policy Meet :The Role of Scotland’s Chief Scientific Advisor  Prof Sheila Rowan  
7th Nov
The Moon : Our next step in the Journey to Mars** Laura Thomas 
21st Nov 2017  Laboratory Night - Rev Robert Stirling and the Stirling Engine Willie Kidd   
5th Dec
The Transformational Power of Architecture David Ross 
9th Jan
A Slice of Killie Pi from two Prime Suspects Chris Smith &
Prof Adam McBride OBE 
23rd Jan 2018  3 D Vision  Dr Paul Siebert 
6th Feb
Evolution of Fish Dr Kevin Parsons
20th Feb 2018 Blame your Parents - DNA Prof Kevin O'Dell
6th March 2018 The Future of Electronics  Dr Carol Marsh 
20th March 2018 Quantum Information Dr Daniel Oi
27th March 2018 Are we alone in the Universe?: Studying Exoplanet Atmospheres** Dr Maire Gorman
**Joint lectures with the Ayrshire Astronomical Society
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